Cannot parse- AGAIN! Website does not exist



I have been doing my webs in FP2000 and have just updated to Expression Web,
I use XP home as my OS. I publish webs to two different servers. The one web,
on one server, I have no problem in publishing, the other on another server,
I cannot publish period. The d... thing keeps telling me there is no web at
that address- there is! OR, it tells me it cannot parse with the server, or
the sharepoint or extensions are not installed properly, I contacted my ISP
now 3 times, and he says his server is OK and can publish to my web. I tried
by using FP extension publishing and ftp, no dice either way, gives me the
same errors. I can publish to the one server as I mentioned, but not the
other, seems to me this indicates a problem with that one server I can't
publish too. FYI, I also use Norton IS 2007 and have set the allowance for
web expression. Before, with the FP 2000, I had to disable my NIS to publish
to the one server I'm now having problems with, but didn't have to for the
other web server. Now, doesn't matter if I disable or not, it just will not
publish. Can anyone share any info on what to look for, tell the ISP to check
or something. The ISP keeps telling me FP extensions are fickle, etc.
Something is not right somewhere. Help please. Thank you.

Steve Easton

For starters, if you published using ftp, you have hosed the extensions on that site.
Try this:
Go here: and download FP Cleaner ( with
Expression Web Designer and SharePoint Designer support )
Download links are at the bottom of the page.
Run the functions that clear:
The Hidden Temporary files.
The Hidden Cache (*.web) files.

See if it helps.

If not, ask your host to check / repair the extensions on the troublesome domain.

Steve Easton
Microsoft MVP FrontPage
FP Cleaner
Hit Me FP



I downloaded that software, and did as you mentioned, did not make any
difference. For your info, I never did get expressions to upload the one site
either with the extensions or by ftp, neither one could find a website, or
could not parse. I will try again (and hopefully be able to copy your
response) to have my ISP do something with those extensions, but I doubt they
will as they insist they are OK and that they can access the website from
their computers.

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