Cannot Move or Delete Files Locally or on Server


Andrew Mullen

When trying to delete or move certain files in our file
system, (even files we just created) we often get an error
that states:

Cannot Move/Delete File or Folder

Cannot move/delete (filename). There has been a sharing
violation. The source or destination file may be in use.

We used to have a NT 4.0 Server and we would use
FileManager to close all open instances of the file and
then we could delete/move it, however, we are now using a
Win2K Server and FileManager no longer exists. We are
stuck! This occurs on files on our local machines as well

We have also tried moving and/or deleting thru DOS Command
window and no luck there either. We get this message:

"The process cannot access the file because it is being
used by another process."
even though there is no processes using that file...

Can someone help?

Andrew Mullen
Trade Express Magazine
(e-mail address removed)

Michael Bednarek

Also posted in microsoft.public.win2000.cmdprompt.admin
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[snipped: can't move/delete files from Explorer or CMD]

Maybe good old WinFile can help; see:
line 71, right hand column; or more to the point:

Works here (NT5.1).

Similar tools:
handle.exe from sysinternals
Boot using Safe Mode.
Boot using Recovery Console.

Also: check NTFS permissions; uninstall the application which uses the

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