Cannot install BCM 2007



I have been in email contact with MS about installing BCM 2007 for the last 5
days. I purchased a new laptop with Vista Ultimate and MS Office Pro 2007
trial version installed. I installed Office Pro 2003 on top of the trial
version without activating 2007. I then pruchased an Upgrade Pro 2007 and
loaded disc 1 and tried to load disc 2 (BCM).

Have gotten consistant 1306 error and also cannot change mapisvc.inf file,
which stops the install (not authorized to change file). Have changed
permissions in registry, deleted and reinstalled, and several other actions
per MS contact, to no avail.

Anyone have any ideas?????

mrtimpeterson via

Did your new laptop come with a recovery & restore disk? I would sweep the
hard drive and restore everything to its original factory condition thus
starting over with your install sequence from a clean and pristine registry.
I would then just load the upgrade Pro 2007 and then disc 2 with the BCM.
You should not have any problems. My theory is you cooked yourself by first
installing your Office Pro 2003 on top of the trial version.

MS should make something more clear to users: DO NOT MIX DIFFERENT EARLIER



By doing this will it wipeout everything I installed since. In otherwords,
should I backup my files?

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