Cannot insert form result to Access DB more than one records




I am trying to come up an ASP page for processing form input and to send
form results to an Access database and an email.

I have been stuck to the following procedures and simply don't know how to
correct it, so kindly review it and give me some advises.

---------- These are some SQL strings to be carried out ----------------

mySQL= "INSERT INTO tb1Users (UID) VALUES ('" & Request.Form("UserName") &
mySQL= "INSERT INTO tb1Users (PWD) VALUES ('" & Request.Form("Password") &
mySQL= "INSERT INTO tb1Users (ConfirmPWD) VALUES ('" &
Request.Form("ConfirmPassword") & "')"

----------------- These are execution and closing
connection -------------------------
myConnection.Execute mySQL


Set myConnection = Nothing

Note: tb1Users = table name. UID = Access DB field name, UserName = Form
Field Name

At first, I experienced the execution cannot be done by myConnection.Execute
my SQL.

Now it can be carried out but when I examined the database file, only the
first mySQL record will be inserted.

For example: If I only listed the first for UID, then the UserName can be

If I listed both UID and PWD, only the last one which in this case is the
"password" will be inserted.

Can anyone please tell me where seems to be the problem.

PS: I also tried the following string statements which will not work at all:
(1) INSERT INTO tb1Users (UID, PWD,...) VALUES ('UserName','Password"..)

Many thanks in advance!!!


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