Cannot go into standby or hibernate - hangs

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I'm using Windows XP Home edition.

I've never been able to use the Standby or Hibernate features, but
thought I'd give it go a fixing it to save a bit of electricity.

When I select Standby or Hibernate from the start menu, the system
will begin to shut down as appopriate, then move onto the blue screen
that states "Preparing to Stand By" ---- and that's as far as it gets.
It never actually goes into Standby mode, and I'm forced to restart
the computer.

I've had a look around on Google and haven't found anyone with this
problem. I assume some process is not letting the computer standby,
but how can I figure out which it is?




Go into task manager and shut down programs till you find out which one is
causing the hang-up.



PA Bear [MS MVP]

Always state your full Windows version (e.g., WinXP SP3; Vista SP1) when
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