Cannot get intellisense to work with VS 2005 and C++/CLI




I am new to Visual C++ (I have been using C# for the last 4 years) and
would like to make the transition to C++.

On my first project, I cannot get intellisense to work (either in a *.h
file or a *.cpp file). I have tried troubleshooting using the methods
recommended i.e. closing the project, removing the *.ncb file, and
reopening the project. It does not seem to work.

I am probably missing something simple. I appreciate your help in this
matter. Thanks in advance.



solved by design

Intellisense is definitively broken in C++/CLI, but adding "::" to .NET
clasess sometimes helps.

Like this:

::FileStream ^fs=gcnew ::FileStream(...

And in vc++ express intellisense works better than, at least, in vs prof.


In general, IntelliSense in C++ (not just C++/CLI) is a strange and
unpredictable animal. It also gets quirkier as your projects get larger.

There is a product called Visual Assist X, made by Whole Tomato
( that among many other things, "fixes" some of
the problems with IntelliSense. I would suggest downloading the 30-day trial
and seeing if you like it before buying - not everyone does.


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