cannot email photos from pictures folder



and/or if i right-click on a picture from a website i cannot "email/
send to receipent" either, . also, on "start" menu nowhere does it say
"run", also i can't even find "outlook express" anywhere, isnt that
what is used to email/send these pictures?>, My regular (web mail)
email works o.k. and i can "add attachment" (picture folder) this way,
i have error message says something like HTLM
or SMTP name isn't right , This is on a laptop, someone at roadrunner
walked me thru same porblem on my PC and it works now(outlook
express). but i can't get same person on the phone, everybody else
says "it's not something roadrunner can help me with, it's a computer
setup problem",. Somewhere, and i can't find how to do it, he
had me put in "", and another place

Rick Rogers


Outlook Express is now Windows Mail, and until you set it or another program
up as the mail client, the sendto/email won't work. Some webmail programs
offer pop3/smtp services, some do not, you have to check with the provider.

The run prompt can be added from the start menu properties, but it's totally
unnecessary as the "start search" box will provide for running executables
and anything else the run box did

Best of Luck,

Rick Rogers, aka "Nutcase" - Microsoft MVP

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