Cannot Edit in Microsoft Script Editor



I am trying to add JavaScript and HTML to my PowerPoint Presentation
through Microsoft Script Editor. Why would someone do this you ask?
Well we are trying to develop some training via PPT presentations and
need to show it over the web. In developing the training, we are
trying to make it interactive - where the JavaScript comes in.

I am working on my problem stated above and I went into the Microsoft
Script Editor to add a simple document.write statement as a test. But
any change I make in the code is erased when I save and the file is
reverted back to its original state. The file is not read-only. Any





Glen Millar


Part of PowerPoint's round tripping is spitting out things it doesn't
understand. While not necessarily round tripping, it happens when you save.
To get html functionality that PowerPoint itself does not support, you would
need to not save the ppt file but save the html. How you achieve that will
be up to your imagination. But, as I said, PowerPoint won't like anything it
doesn't understand. That is why round tripping is cool for getting rid of
potential problems, afaik.



Glen Millar
Microsoft PPT MVP

Tutorials and PowerPoint animations at

glen at pptworkbench dot com

Please tell us your PowerPoint / Windows version,
whether you are using vba, or
anything else relevant

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