Cannot Display Custom Icon on Custom Form



I am using Outlook 2002 with Exchange 2000. I have designed a custom form
for telephone messages, class IPM.Note.PhoneMessage, and have designed a
custom icon, both large and small formats, selected on properties.

Every time I have published the form to the Organizational Forms Library,
and then chosen the form to send a message, the resulting message has
displayed using the standard mail item icons (for unread and read

The large version of the custom icon displays in the description when I
choose the form, and in the properties of the received item, but the small
version never displays in the inbox of the recipient.

I have tried using my custom icon created from scratch, and also custom
icons that are edited copies of existing icons. Neither has an effect.

I am unsure of what I am doing wrong; whether it is a form problem or an
icon problem. I am relatively new to both areas.

Sue Mosher [MVP-Outlook]

On the (Properties) dialog for the form in design mode, is the "Send form
definition with item" box cleared or checked? It should not be checked.

Did you design the icons as 8-bit 32x32?


Thanks - these are two of the things that I picked up from the online
guidance that I could find yesterday, and did need to rectify.

When I arrived today, all my test messages had the correct icon, so it looks
like an issue of the information being published and populating correctly.
So problem solved - all I need to do now is tweak my icon design.

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