Cannot connect to WinCe device with Vs2003 Ide



When attempting to setup for deployment of an app to a WinCE device I from
Vs2003 Ide I get the following error when attempting to setup Vs2003 via menu
item "\Tool\SmartDeviceAuthenicationUtility" (I have entered the proper Ip
address of the WinCe device, which is accessable via Hyperterminal)--

Unknown error occurred while prepping deviceSystem.IO.FileNotFoundException:
Could not find file "c:\Documents and Settings\OlbertJA\Local
Settings\Application Data\PubKey.blb". File name: "C:\Documents and
Settings\Olbertja\Local Settings\Application Data\PubKey.blb"…

The above director does exist but the file PubKey.blb does not.

Can you tell me what I am doing wrong. I tried re-installing the "Windows CE
Utilities For Visual Studio _NET 2003" Vs2003 addin but this did not help.

As noted above the WinCe device (a Sh4 Cpu) is accessible via pinging and it
will take commands from HyperTerminal.



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