Cannot connect to secure web sites



Hi, I am running IE6 SP2 on XP Home. Since last week I
have been unable to connect to sites over secure networks
with an error message of cannot find server. An example
of this is the hotmail site, I can connect to the site but
when entering the secure area (after entering user id and
password) I get an error.

Any help appreciated.


H Leboeuf

You Cannot Access Your MSN E-mail Account or Authenticate with a Web Site in
Various Programs
When you try to access your MSN e-mail account, you may receive the
following error message:
The page cannot be displayed
The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be
experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser
settings... Cannot find server or DNS Error
You cannot successfully authenticate with a Web site in various programs
(for example, Windows Media Player). For example, you may be prompted for
your user name and your password several times, and you may receive the
error message that is described in this section or an other error message
from the Web site that indicates that you cannot access even after you type
the correct user name and password.

Problems accessing secure sites
An additional link to help in solving your problem.

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