Cannot Clear Recently Used Documents



Hope someone can help:

I have Vista Home Premium installed, (only because I wanted DirectX 10, else
I would have installed XP Pro).

I am running Vista using Classic Start Menu, and I cannot clear my recently
used documents.

Normally, one clicks on the "Start Menu" tab, then "Customize" then "Clear",
and this should clear it, at least in my other 3 computers this was the

Visat does not clear it. I can manually delete each item from the list, and
thinking I was pretty good, went back and realized Vista had been tracking
the previous files before the last "recent" list, and refilled it with the
last set! I can't keep clearing this list, and I do want to keep it for

Can anyone help? AARGH!



JP Levasseur

You have two options , the first on put your mouse on your recent document
right click and delete.and the second one control panel /taskbar and start
menu/start menu remove the check on store and display list of recently
opened files so you won't see anymore your recent document. Bye JP

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