Cannot access the database server



I'm in a small office using Outlook 2007 with Business Contact Manager on
Windows 7. A BCM database has been created on Computer XYZ and permissions
have been granted to the 2 other computers in the office. 1 of them is able
to access the database without a hitch, the other recieves the message
"cannot access the database server on Computer XYZ...". I have looked through
a few of the blog sites and consulted some of my more tech savy friends but
am not able to resolve the issue. So far I have:
- Made sure SQLServer (MSSMLBIZ) is running on both computers
- Windows Firewall allowing Micorsoft Small Business through TCP port 5365
on both
- All windows Firewalls and Norton AntiV firewalls are off on both
- Both computers can Ping each other successfully
- I can view all shared files on Computer XYZ

I'm running out of ideas on what to test and adjust, so any advice would be


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