Cannot Access "Connect using a broadband connection that requires user name, etc." in New Connection


Stephen Galleher

I have mysteriously lost my Verizon internet connection. Verizon says to
refer to Microsoft. Here is the problem:

When I go to the make New Connection wizard in Network Connections, I get
the wizard, and when I get to the panel with three options, the option that
is chosen is "Connect Using a Broadband Connection that is Already On." The
other two options are grayed out and cannot be accessed!!

The Verizon technician said that the SECOND option must be checked ("Connect
using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password") in
order to install the Verizon software. I said, this option cannot
be accessed: it is grayed out.

Please, can someone help me. How do I gain access to this option?

Stephen Galleher

The problem was that a friend had disabled the PCP/IP connection in the
Management of Services menu.
Once I enabled that service, all is fixed.

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