Cannot access a shared printer on my home wireless network



I have a Windows XP PC system (a |Dell) with a locally attached Lexmark
all-in-one printer. I can print OK from the PC. The Dell has a wireless
network using Netgear router. The laptop I am typing this on is successfully
attached to the internet through the wireless connection - i.e. throught the
Netgaear router. The only thing I can't seem to get working is to access the
Lexmark from this laptop.

I have made the Lexmark a shared device. When I run the wizard to add a
printer, I am not sure how to specify the printer name, so it seems that the
wizard cannot find the shared Lexmark and hence not add it. On the Dell, the
printer name is shown as "Lexmark.pcl", but the wizard requires you to put in
a name that looks like a URL. If I try the "browse" option on the wizard, it
can't sem to find the printer properly. So I am struggling to add the printer
to my laptop.

The help instructions don't help.

Any assistance would be appreciated.



Yes they are both in workgroup "MSHOME". I was not aware of thsi feature,
but I checked both PCs just now and they are the same.

Any further ideas?

Thank you for responding - much appreciated.

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