Can you terminate an autorecover save operation w/o terminating EX



I sometimes need to access some rather large files that I need to keep in an
Excel 2003 format. If an autorecover save operation begins while one of
these files is open it can sometimes take several hours for the autorecover
save operation to complete. I also notice that my dual processors only run
at 50% (or so) during the process. Is there a way to terminate the
autorecover save operation (once it has started) without terminating Excel
(and in the process closing all of the other Excel files I have open)?

Gord Dibben

If you regularly backup the files there should be no need to have Autorecovery

AR does nothing more than create a temporary file file which it deletes when you
close the file or Excel without crashing.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP

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