Can you set up a global footer (filename & ext) on all wsheets



Is there a way to set a global footer for all workbooks to print the filename
and extention at the bottom of the sheet without setting it for each workbook
you have and for new ones opened?



Gord Dibben

Open a new workbook. Customize as you wish. To set a footer for each sheet,
select a sheet then right-click and "select all sheets".

Enter your footer on the active sheet and will be done to all. Ungroup sheets
when done.

File>Save As Type: scroll down to Excel Template(*.XLT) and select. Name your
workbook "BOOK"(no quotes). Excel will add the .XLT to save as BOOK.XLT.

Store this workbook in the XLSTART folder usually located at........

C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Microsoft\Excel\XLSTART

This will be the default workbook for File>New or the Toolbar button File>New or
CTRL + n

WARNING................Do not use File>New...Blank Workbook or you will get the
Excel default workbook.

NOTE: Existing workbooks are not affected by these settings.

You can also open a new workbook and delete all but one sheet. Customize as
you wish then save this as SHEET.XLT in XLSTART folder also. It now becomes
the default Insert>Sheet.

More can be found on this in Help under "templates"(no quotes).

Alternative for existing workbooks could be a macro.

Sub Path_All_Sheets()
Set wkbktodo = ActiveWorkbook
For Each ws In wkbktodo.Worksheets
ws.PageSetup.RightFooter = ActiveWorkbook.FullName & " " & Chr(13) _
& Application.UserName & " " & Date
End Sub

Edit to suit

Gord Dibben Excel MVP

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