Can you set a page to be non printing?



Are you able to set a page to be a non printing page in MS word?

In doing so would the page numbering of a multi-page document miss the page,
that is, go from the one above to the one below the non printing page (which
is what I am looking to try and do).

I want to have a page in a multi page document that does not print, and does
not have a page number on it, so when I print the document (where I can leave
out the page in the print settings) it does not have a missed page in the
final printed doument.

Thanks for any help or advice with this!

Jay Freedman

You can select everything on the page and format its font as Hidden.
In the Options dialog, set the on-screen view to display Hidden text,
but set the printing option to *not* print Hidden text (that is, clear
the checkbox for that one).

As long as there are no hard page breaks or other things to force a
new page, the printed version (in both Print Preview and the paper
output) will behave as if the Hidden text isn't there.

Jay Freedman
Microsoft Word MVP
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