Can WMI logging be turned off to stop the creation of XML files inWINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\DataColl\


XP Guy

Is there a way to stop the useless creation of .XML files in the
\WINDOWS\PCHealth\HelpCtr\DataColl\ directory?

There are also log files created in \system32\wbem\Logs, but I've found
instructions on how to stop that.

I understand this has got something to do with either WBEM or WMI - can
someone explain the *difference* between WMI and WBEM?

Bonus question: I would like to turn off WMI and WBEM completely. I come
across lots of dire warnings about turning off the WMI service (or
services?) but none of them explain exactly what system functionality
depends on them. If anyone can answer that, please do.

XP Guy

Harden Thicke improperly top-poasted and full-quoted:
Google for it.

I did. No correct search result.

It would be useful for those that give knee-jerk responses to "google"
for an answer do so themselves to verify that an answer to the question
can actually be found using that method.

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