Can the mails from Lotus notes be imported?



I have purchased new PC with Windows Vista basic. My old PC had Lotus notes
6.5 version for the mails. Can I import my old lotus notes mails (*.nsf) in
microsoft mails. Lotus notes 6.5 is not compatible with Windows Vista

Michael Jennings

Well, Transend will sell a converter that will do that - so the answer
is yes, the mails can be imported, but it would cost you $49:
Their free demonstration version limits conversion to 5 entries per folder:

It looks like you won't be able to install any version of Lotus Notes.
The latest IBM® Lotus® Notes® 8 is for Ultimate, Enterprise or Business only.
IBM does not say that it is compatible with the Basic version of Vista that you have.

If your emails are stored on an IBM Lotus Domino email server, you ought to
be able to get them using Windows Mail - just download with good credentials.
But if all that you have is the archive of *.nsf files, and you don't have your old
computer any more, you may have to buy a converter. Try Google first:

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