can;t seem to open any existing remote website



hello all:

i used frontpage for several months several years ago. i have front page
2002. i have a need to use it again, but i guess i am as dumb as a stump.

i can not seem to open anyexisting website i try. i can create a new site,
and then go back to it.. but any site that exists and i am trying to access
for the first time is a no go. i go to File->Open Web. The "look in:" is
set to My Network Places. I type in the site name (i have tried all
variations: just the domain name without"www.", with "www." and with
"http://www.", even tried i always get the follow

"The folder '' isn't accessible. The folder may be
located in an unavailable location, protected with a password, or the
filename contains a / or \."

The worst part is the F^*%^$& annoying sound it has made the 1000 times i
have tried. i am sure i am just in the wrong place , or have some setting

yes, i know i need a user name and password.. it never gets that far to ask.

i have turned off the entire McAfee Security Center and still no go.

i am ready to put i bullet in my head.. thanks in advance for your help.

signed, jethro bodine



Kathleen Anderson [MVP - FrontPage]

Error message: The folder folder name isn't accessible. The folder may be
located on an unavailable volume or protected with a password.
a.. FP2000: Problems When You Attempt to Connect to Web with Unique
b.. FP2000: Error Message When You Try to Open Web: The Folder "http:<Web
Site>" Isn't Accessible;en-us;Q264749
c.. FP2000: "The Folder <Name> Isn't Accessible" When You Connect to a
Network Resource;en-us;Q266665
d.. Cannot Open a Subweb That Is Using Unique Permissions;en-us;Q272542
e.. FP2000: Cannot Open Webs or Create Web Folders;en-us;Q287399
f.. FP2000: Cannot Open Web on Local Computer or Reinstall FrontPage
Server Extensions;en-us;Q310846

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