Can send only 1 fax per boot!!!



Everything related to the fax service works well... until
I try to send Another fax!
From the 2nd fax and on, it looks (in the fax monitor)
like the dialing is aborted a second after it's started,
with the message: "This number cannot be dialed at
present" (no matter what number is it)
If you look at the fax's properties, you see "Status:
Retries exceeded", "Extended status: Call delayed".

It won't let me send any other faxes, until I reboot the

I have no idea what causes this problem, what it means or
what the hell is wrong with my dialing rules.
Have also tried to uninstall and reinstall the fax
service, with no success.

Any ideas, anyone??

(using XP SP1)

Ananda Sarkar [MSFT]

What is your modem make and model? Is your modem a Microsoft Certified
modem. To see the certified modem list, please refer to:

If your modem is an external modem, try restarting the modem after one fax,
can you send another fax now? That will confirm my suspicion of modem


Ananda Sarkar
Microsoft Printing, Imaging & Fax Team

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