Can PowerPoint automatically transition after a movie ends?



I am working on a presentation and the speaker wants to have the slide
automatically transition to the next slide after a movie plays through once.
I had the timing set right, but there is another object on the slide that he
wants to click to activate/appear before the movie plays. When I set up the
timing, the object marked "click to appear" automatically appears and then
the movie appears a little later. Is there any way to keep my first object
as a "click" then have the movie appear and play on a "click" and then have
the slide automatically transition after the movie plays through once?


What version of PowerPoint are you using? Have you checked the Custom Animation
Settings for the movie? You can set it to start "After Previous" and/or add a
delay. You can also add an "invisible" object (no fill, no line) and set it to
appear after the movie completes. Then set the slide transition to "automatic"
after XX second. How this is done depends on your version of PowerPoint.

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