Can I synchronize the Business Contact Manager with my Palm PDA? .



We presently use ACT! as our contact management software and are thinking
about switching to Microsoft's latest version of the Outlook Business
Manager. Would anyone know if it is possible to synchronize the various
contacts we imported into the Business Contact Manager with our Personal
Digital Assistants (PDA) Palm?

When synchronizing ACT with our Palms there is no problem - ACT supplies a
conduit which makes the updating process simple and painless.



Tim P via


There is a 3rd party developer that makes the standard Palm synchronization
software which is called Pocket Mirror standard. This is the conduit that
comes with every Palm and enables basic Hot Synch between your Palm OS
handheld device & Outlook. If you go to their website at you
will find some upgrade options to use that will work very well with BCM. I
use the Key Suite version with my Treo 650 and it works like a charm. Also,
it synchs a much more complete, multi folder data set from Outlook. These
folks are experts at Palm synchronization with great customer service.


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