Can I sort/reorganize my mail folders (I have 3 accounts)



I have 3 mail folder accounts. Currently they are listed as follows in Mail

1. Personal Folder (linked to att account)
2. Hotmail Account setup via Outlook Connector
3. Live account setup via Outlook Connector

I would like the personal folder to be at the bottom of my list of mail
folders, the live account to be at the top, and the hotmail in the middle.
But when I try to move any of them, by drag/drop, nothing happens. It
appears you cannot move them.

Running Windows 7/Outlook 2007
I don't think I can remove the Personal Folder, but I just don't use the
email account it is setup to so I would like it to open "unexpanded" when
Outlook Opens.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



Thanks for the tip. I still can't seem to get the "personal folder" from
being at the top of the list.

I did the following

1. Renamed Personal Foler to "New Personal Folder"
2. Renamed 2nd email account Candice B.
3. Renamed 3rd email account to Bowns Family

So if they sort alphabetically, shouldn't it be
Candice B
Bowns Family
New Personal Folder

but it doesn't, the account that has the default data file connected to it
always shows on the top of the list, and I cannot make the hotmail/live
accounts the default data accounts.


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