Can I publish a specific page in frontpage 2002



Is there a way to publish a specific page in frontpage 2002? I make changes
to my web all the time but do not always need to publish these changes at the
same time.

Thomas A. Rowe

I think if you select the file, then right click you will have the option to publish the individual
file. However this is not a good option as FP will not upload any linked content, such as images or
update any references to the file, etc. unless you using the File Menu | Publish Web / Site and you
then select the Change Pages Only option.

Thomas A. Rowe
Microsoft MVP - FrontPage
Agents Real Estate Listing Network

Andrew Murray

You can publish a single file, yes. You can drag 'n' drop the files from
local to remote, or use the arrows between the two local/remote panes to
publish selected files to/from.

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