Can I make a "tab name" the "chart title"? (question on this)



In this thread, where I got the title of my own thread here from,,
Bernard V Liengme's solution seems to work very well. I put the tab
name formula below in the sheet and then referenced it in the chart
title as directed:


Seems to work great, at least so far <g>.

The challenge is that though the tab name solution is perfect and I
was able to customize elswhere where I'd used this same formula, I
don't know how to add text so that the chart title is complete.
Elsewhere in Excel, unique text can be added to cell custom formatting
so that together I get a unique title for each column that I used this
procedure on. It's all automatic and I only have to worry about the
text in the tab name. Perfect as it makes life so much easier than
having to duplicate the information in 4 different places.

However, the chart title also requires unique additional custom text
besides the formula since the tab name is only part of what is
needed. The tab name just shows the location and date and doesn't
have any "label". Is there a way to add custom text to the chart in
an easy way, i.e., in this type of structure somehow:

"Title - "{tab name via the formula}

Thanks! :blush:D





Tushar Mehta

In the cell where you have the formula, modify the formula to ="My Label " &
{existing formula without the leading = sign} & " rest of my label"

Tushar Mehta
Custom business solutions leveraging a multi-disciplinary approach
In Excel 2007 double-click to format may not work; right click and select
from the menu

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