Can I install Outlook 2000 Pro as a stand alone



In advance, thanks for any help.

I recently purchased a new computer that has Windows 7 and the Office 2007
student trial package.

For many years I have owned a license to Office 2000 Professional and wish
to install Outlook as a stand alone because Windows Live E-mail is not our
prefered e-mail method.

I plan on purchasing Office 2007 at the end of the trial, but if Office 2000
Outlook can be installed, I can save $109.00.


Outlook 2k is not fully compatible with Vista or Win7 allthough there are
some workarounds.
You wont have full integration with other Office components if you have a
missmatched version of Outlook.

Generally its cheaper to buy an upgrade version of Office from eg
than to convert a Trial, and you get the dvd without having to pay extra

Roady [MVP]

Outlook 2000 has compatibility issues with Windows Vista and Windows 7 which
will not be addressed since the product is considered end-of-life.

Either way, I would not recommend using it anymore since it offers no
security features which you'll need today (web-picture blocking for instance
to prevent tracking your address).

Windows Live Mail also can be used with accounts other than Live Hotmail
accounts. There are of course plenty of other mail clients that can be used
as well if you do not wish to buy Outlook.

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