Can I install Easy Media Creator 7 with other DVD burning software




I have already installed Nero 6.6 Reload, Power Producer 2 Gold and
PlextorTools Professional for the copying and burning of DVD movies/audio and
CD, MP3 audio disks.
I want to install Roxio Easy Media Creator 7 to my system, can anyone tell
me are there any possible problems on softwares conflicts?
Some of my friends said Roxio softwares may have conflicts with Nero 6.6



Easy Media Creator 8 is out - maybe it won't have conflicts with Nero ( if 7
really does ). But I don't see why loading the soaftware you mentioned
should cause conflicts - they have no reason to interact.

Kenneth J. Harris

The conflict is between the drag to disk module in Easy Media Creator 8
(and earlier Roxio versions) and the equivalent module in Nero(current
and earlier versions). If you only install drag to disk and not the
Nero equivalent(or the reverse) there will be no conflict and you can
run both Easy Media Creator and Nero.


I'll second what Kenneth said - it's the Drag-to-Disc in Roxio and I believe
it's called InCd on Nero that will conflict. You can only have one or the
other. The rest of the programs will be ok.

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