Can I get list of all of the words in my doc of a specific style?



Is it possible to generate a list of all of the words or phrases in my
document that are assigned a specific style?



What version of Word are you using.
If you have 2003, try the following:
Edit, Find, ensure the "Find what:" is empty.
Tick the "Highlight all items found in" check box.
Click the More button, Style, slect the Style you want to find.
Find All.
Close Find Dialog. Copy and then paste the selection where you want it.
Prior to 2003 not all version have this option.
For 2007 go to Home tab, Editing Group.
Hope this works for you.

Suzanne S. Barnhill

AFAICT, Word 2007 doesn't have this feature, either, which I think is an
unfortunate omission.

Tony Jollans

In Word 2007 you can do it (for Styles) from the Styles Task Pane. Right
click the style and choose "Select All instances".

Suzanne S. Barnhill

Turns out this was a stubborn misunderstanding on my part. Beth Melton had
to hit me on the head several times before she got it across to me that
"Find in" in Word 2007 works the same as "Highlight all items found" in Word
2003. The fact that it works without your having to click a button (as in
Word 2003, where the Find button became Find All) was what threw me off.

Stefan Blom

And I was looking at the wrong tab of the dialog box: Replace instead of
Find, where the command is located...

Stefan Blom
Microsoft Word MVP

in message


This is a great tip -- and does exactly what I need to do; thanks! I have a
follow-up question. Is there a way to add this to a macro (in Word 2003)?
I've tried recording it numerous times, but it's getting hung up on the "Find
All" command. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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