Can I get an ADODB Recordset from SqlDataAdapter?

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Scott Greenbaum

I'm replacing some J++ ADO code with C## & ADO.NET using the
SqlDataAdapter and I need to return an ADODB Recordset. The
OleDbDataAdapter has a nice overload of the Fill method that will do

DataSet myDS = new DataSet();
OleDbDataAdapter myDA = new OleDbDataAdapter();
Recordset myRS;
myDA.Fill(myDS, myRS, "MyTable");

However, the SqlDataAdapter does not have that overload and I can't
find any way to get a Recordset from the SqlDataAdapter.

-Scott Greenbaum

Scot Rose [MSFT]

You can load a recordset into a dataset using the method you found, however you cannot do the reverse. To get an ADO Recordset in .Net you will have to use ADO through COM

Want to know more? Check out the MSDN Library at or the Microsoft Knowledge Base at

Scot Rose, MCSD
Microsoft Visual Basic Developer Support
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