Can I get a Win32 compatible program for Win XPe using MS Embedded Visual C++ ?




Well, I am about to make some application for Win XPe and I would like
to know if MS Embedded Visual C++ allow me to make programs that are
compatible with Win XP/XPe...


Brad Combs

Hello Gnurto,

You can program for XP Embedded the same way you would an application for
big windows. To specifically answer your question, no... I don't think you
can write apps for XPe or the desktop using EVC++. You can use any other
flavor of Visual Studio to accomplish your goal though. (For example VS 6
for native or VS .NET for .NET).

There are some footprint concerns that may come into play if you want to use
..NET. The .NET framework is rather large and has dependencies on Winlogon.
So if you want to keep the footprint under control maybe C++ 6.0 is a better
bet. (You also need the runtimes but they are already in Target Desginer and
much smaller).


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