Can I avoid Windows Messenger prompt for user account name when first run?


Brian Greene

I have deployed LCS EE, and I have extended my AD schema, and now have a
'Live Communications' tab available in the properties of my domain user
accounts. Among other things, these extended user properties include 'user
sign-in name'. Can't I pass this value on to Windows Messenger as the
default so that the first time my users fire up Messenger they are not
prompted for a sign-in name? I have preconfigured values for the server
name and protocol, but I've looked through all the GPO options made
available by RTCCLIENT.adm and can't seem to find this last piece of the
puzzle. My clients are going to be using Windows Messenger 5.1, but I've
also been testing with Communicator and even in the options made available
by COMMUNICATOR.adm I can't seem to find a way to autoconfigure the initial
user sign-in name.
Thanks in advance for your help,

Bob Christian

Acedreamer - Apologies for regurgitating the link information you had
already included.


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