Can anyone explain this!?!



My brand, spanking new PC has just started doing something strange and
annoying! I have XP home running on it. The problem occurs when I open up
Musicmatch Jukebox (it came with the system and is generally great once
upgraded) and then go to insert a CD to play on it. When I put the audio CD
into either of my drives (a DVD and a RW), then I can hear the disk whir like
it's supposed to and then the system restarts itself and tels me it's just
recovered from a "serious error". Not good. It also offers to show the
details which were;

BCCode : b8 BCP1 : 00000000 BCP2 : 00000000
BCP4 : 00000000 OSVer : 5_1_2600 SP : 2_0 Product : 768_1

and then more detail it shows;


all of which may as well be Greek to me! I'm assuming some of you more
technical folks will hopefully be able to glean some sense from it!
This may not be related but...if I leave a music CD or a DVD in one of the
drives, shutdown and then start up again, I get a message saying "windows
cannot read disk, please insert disk" or words to that effect. The dialogue
box that displays this cannot be gotten rid of! I have to remove any disks
and then restart and it's okay. I guess it's trying to read the windows CD,
but this wil be difficult as I don't have one! (my system came with windows
preinstalled and no disk.)
This may or may not be related (it all seems to centre around the disk
drives though!).
Any helpful suggestions will be much appreciated (please, if possible, dumb
any technical stuff down as much as you can as I'm not too hot with that side
of things!).
Thanks for reading



Michael T

Do you have a *data* CD-ROM (as opposed to an audio CD) so you can confirm
that your CD and/or DVD drives do not work for either format?

You should also go to Start\Control Panel\Administrative Tools\Event viewer.

Then take a look at the application log. Double click to open it and then
look for any red X's in the right pane.

Now double click them to open a details window and while most of this info
might be unfamiliar, there are some clues as to what has caused this issue
such as the name of the program or the module.

There is also a link here to the help and support center that may or may not
have a suggestion as to how to resolve the issue. Also take note of the
error or event number and sometimes you can go to the Microsoft site and do
a search for that number and get some guidance.

Oh, by the way, you should consider contacting the seller to try to acquire
a Windows XP CD. I would be lost without mine - especially if I need to run
System File Checker.

Good luck.


Hi Michael,
Well, if nothing else, I've learnt all about the Event Manager, which is
good! I had a look at that and there were various red crosses here and there
(none from earlier today though, oddly). Most of them were attributed to
TrueVector (which, I understand, has something to do with ZoneAlarm), but it
had no info for it! I don't think I was quite clear about the Cd not working.
It was only through Musicmatch specifically that the problem occurred (though
it's worked in the past). It seems fine with WMP. So, I don't know what to
make of it really, it'll either start to behave or it won't!
Oh, and I would have a snowball's chance of getting an XP CD from Tiny
Computers, I don't know exactly why they don't supply one (you get a system
Restore CD instead, but I suspect it's to do with keeping the costs down!).
Thanks again for the useful (unlike some that I won't mention...) reply much

Michael T

One last thing Mark.

Run Windows Update - selecting Express Install (first), then after
installing any fixes/patches select the other option Custom Install.

The reason I mentioned this is because the error you're seeing was posted
with a reply that this has been fixed with an update from Microsoft -
although Musicmatch was not referenced.

The aforementioned error from my Google search.

Error signature:
BCCode: b8 BCP1 0000000 BCP2: 0000000 BCP3:0000000
BCP4:0000000 OSVer: 5_12600 SP;1_0 Product: 256_1
This sure looks similar to yours, doesn't it?





Hi Michael,
Just to say thanks for your help. I'm rather fearful of it at the mo, so
haven't had the heart to see if it still restarts with MusicMatch. I'll do my
burning on WMP for now! I did the install update thing but there was nothing
to install (I DID update WMP from version 9 to 10 tho, which is good!).
If it gives me more hassle in the future i'll repost! Thanks again for your
time, much appreciated!

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