can a mailbox calendar entry be automatically replicated


Vic Man

Have a small LAN. 4- work stations and 1 domain server running SBS 2003
standard R2. 3 work stations are running outlook 2003 and one is running
outlook 2007 .

When a user enters an item in their exchange mailbox calendar, is there a
way to automatically replicate that entry onto an exisitng public folder
shared calendar.

That way the user does not have to type the entry twice - once in their
mailbox calendar to remind him/her self of an upcoming event, and again in
the public folder to remind others in the office of that same upcoming event.
I'm a novice with exchange, is there a better way to accomplish this?



Nikki Peterson [MVP - Outlook]

At the very least your client could use the following process to
copy the meeting to the public folder:

Copied from
To copy an item from a Private Calendar to a Public Calendar, open the

list window, Hold down the Right mouse button over the source appointment

want to copy, drag it over to the target calendar in the Folder List and
release the

right mouse button - a pop-up menu will appear asking if you want to Copy,

Move or Cancel

Nikki Peterson


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