Can 2000 DC and 2003 DC co-exist in a 2003 AD



We are preparing to migrate to 2003 AD and I need to now all issue
with Windows 2000 and Windows 2003 DC's co-existing...

Are the FSMO roles required to live on a 2003 DC after the migration?

Are any limitiations from having WIN2K DC's in a 2003 AD?


Simon Geary

The FSMO roles can live on any DC post-migration.
The limitations will be determined by the domain and forest functional
levels of AD after the upgrade. With Win2k DC's you will have to use Windows
2000 native mode for both the domain and forest functional levels. This will
disable a handful of advanced features such as domain rename and forest
trusts but there are no restrictions that should affect most day-to-day
networks. Check out Microsoft's web page guide for upgrading.

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