Calling Subroutines from sub-routine



I have 2 subroutines in my EXCEL 2003 workbook and they are each assigned to
the CLICK event of their own button.

The first subroutine performs a pass-thru extraction from a SQL database.
There is a SUMMARY sheet in the workbook that then does some calculations on
the data that is extracted using the DCount and DCountA functions into
specific cells on the SUMMARY sheet.

The second sub-routine copies the resultant values calculated using the
DCount and DCountA functions onto another workbook that I'm going to use to
generate a trend chart.

If I click the first button and then the second button, every thing works as
I'd expect. What I want to do is call the second sub-routine as the last
line in the first sub-routine. When I do this the first sub-routine works
the same but the second sub-routine puts zeroes instead of the values from
the SUMMARY sheet.


Bob Phillips

Post the before and after code, what works run independently, and how you
merged them.


It works when I run them independently but not this way.

Sub Get_Data()

With ActiveSheet.QueryTables.Add(insert args here)
.CommandText = "EXEC ...."
.Name = "PlaterData"
End With



End Sub

Sub Populate_CurrentDataTable()
Dim dteDate As Date, iShift3Bars As Integer, iShift3Cycles As Integer

dteDate = Worksheets("Summary").Range("C1").Value
iShift3Bars = Worksheets("Summary").Range("M5").Value
iShift3Cycles = Worksheets("Summary").Range("M6").Value

If Worksheets("Summary").Range("F1").Value = 1 Then
Do While IsEmpty(ActiveCell) = False
ActiveCell.Offset(1, 0).Select
ActiveCell.Value = dteDate
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 1).Value = iShift3Bars
ActiveCell.Offset(0, 2).Value = iShift3Cycles

End If


End Sub

Patrick Molloy

step into Get_Data
set the next step at the line Populate_CurrentDataTable then step (F8)
there an error message?
Are these two procedures in a standard module? If they're on a sheet code
page, are they on the same page?


When I put a Breakpoint in the code and then run it; subsequently, stepping
(F8) through the code - including following the call statement into the next
routine, everything works fine.

When I remove the breakpoint and let it run puts zeroes
in all the fields.

It's almost like the source data isn't getting updated or something and when
I manually cause the code to stop, it works.

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