calling .net 2.0 assembly from .net 1.1



One of our coworker created a dll for us, which is written in Visual
Studio .NET 2005 (VB). I tried to add the dll to our .NET 2003
project, and get the follow error:

"A reference to "MyDLL.dll" could not be added. This is not a valid
assembly or COM component. Only assemblies with extension"dll" and COM
components can be referenced. Please make sure that the file is
accessible, and that it is a valid assembly ot COM component."

Any idea? Should we make it as COM component?

Thanks a lot




Laura T.

Sorry to say but the VS2003 cannot use .NET 2.0 assemblies.
And also to convert it to COM would not help since the DLL since your app is
..NET 1.1 and there can be only one .NET runtime in a process (for COM
interop you would need to load also .NET 2.0 runtime).
You might force your app to use .NET 2.0 runtime (it's quite compatible with
1.1) but you could not debug it anymore with VS2003.
The best thing is to recompile the VS2005 with VS2003.

You can find more details here:

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