Call to web service via Mobile Device with WWAN fails when passing more than 1K size parameter value



I have a .net mobile application that makes a call to web service to
read/write data from device's SQL CE to SQL2K database. When I call
the web service methods with passing small strings, integers as
parameters and receive dataset back it is not a problem. But when I
pass Dataset as a parameter to a method (even if the dataset is empty)
OR strings of size 1K or larger the call fails with following error
message "Could not locate resource assembly".

I looked up for this error message in Microsoft groups; I found some
information about it. As per the recommendation I also deployed the
application via Visual Studio .net which also deployed the required
System.SR.dll assembly file. But I still get the same error message.

Although the same function call works when used 802.11b/g wireless
network OR Ethernet. The problem seems to occur only when using
GPRS/WWAN network. The network team has monitored the traffic from the
device to the server and confirmed that there is no data/packet loss.

Is anyone aware of this issue? Any workaround/fix for this?

FYI: I am using Pocket PC - Windows CE 4.0 on mobile device
(manufactured by Intermec). The application is developed in VB.Net with
..Net framework 1.1


I transform dataset to XML the send as string parameter to ws or Socket
listener... try


Thanks for your reply.

But I tried that also. I found further problem that if I pass a string
of 1K or larger, I get the same error.

If you have any further recommendation, please let me know.

Ani Kinare

Ilya Tumanov [MS]

There's no 1K (or any other size) limit. That's most likely a GPRS network

Please install to see the error message instead of "Could not
locate resource assembly".

Best regards,


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