Calendar of Updates



Calendar of Updates is again announcing an update to Defender.
This time it is 1.18.2621.7

This may, or may not be the version which is "pushed out" from MS using
AU[WU/MU] today IF they do in fact push out an update today.

I am afraid that this is going to cause some confusion to the people who
visit this site and COU.

My guess is that some of the folks at COU are going to the "Malware
Protection Center Portal" on a daily basis and downloading the MPAS-FE.exe to
see if it has been updated.

As WD updates are usually "pushed" out on Tuesdays and Thursdays someone
downloading the MPAS on other days of the week may find a "newer" version
than the one that has been released thru the update channels.

I do not know the "official" status of these "interim" updates but I assume
they are fine [e.g. I doubt if they are beta or something like that].

You will usually find an Announcement of the "officially pushed" out version
here at the Defender site from someone who as updated via AU[WU/MU] or
checked for updates from within Windows Defender itself.

Feed back or corrections on this issue are invited.

Geek w/o Portfolio

Dave M

I don't think it's really much of a problem, other than possible confusion
as to which definition version is current. What I would expect, and I'm
testing it right now, is that the update mechanism is smart enough to
detect if you're ahead of the normal AU distribution, and to not download a
backlevel release of the signatures if you're already ahead of what's being
offered through that channel. Anyway I updated to 1.18.2621.7 through the
Protection Center and ran a full scan with it without error and I don't
expect to receive any further automatic updates until next week. To me
that made sense, since I could get them one time instead of through two
future distributions. I wouldn't do this regularly but in this case... why


Yes, we are posting the new daily updates at Calendar of Updates. Thanks for
mentioning it here. I also posted in the Signature newsgroup yesterday and
today with a note that it is a manual signature update.
Useful for users who are:
1. Stucked for old defs for some reasons e.g. problem with MU, WU in
downloading and installing the updates.
2. Want to deploy the signature update offline
3. Want to take advantage of the this cool service by MS to have new defs

Dial-up users might not like though for it is more than 3megs download.
They should wait for weekly updates instead that is pushed thru MU.



Greetings and thank you for the clarifications.
In my testing of the manual MPAS-FEs I did not find that they updated
everyday, but that may have changed.

I agree with you that because of the size of the MPAS-FE to use this method
is prohibitive to those of us who use modems.

Both Engel and I try to use distinctive subject lines when posting the
"Delta Update Links"

If you will be posting the update information of the Manual MPAS-FE in
"Spyware signatures" on a daily basis may I suggest the use of a distinctive
subject line so to make it clear what it is.

The following are just some suggestions:

WD Daily with Full Engine
WD Daily signature update
WD Manual FE Daily
WD Updates from the Portal
WD Manual signature update

I find the body of your last two posting to be clear and concise.

Again thank you for your interest in and support of WD at the Calendar of
Updates site.
I visit it several times a day,
and I love your Avatar, in fact I think I'm "in love" with your Avatar.

With Deepest Respect,

Geek w/o Portfolio


Hi Tim!
Thanks for the suggestions! I'll be posting a subject the next time I find
an update and if not posted yet... as below example:
1.xx.xxxx.x Windows Defender manual signature update
I hope that's fine. If not, please write back :)

Thanks also for visiting Calendar of Updates several times a day.



Thanks for writing back.

My first feeling is that you might Not want to include the version numbers.
The version numbers are generally included in the postings for the "pushed"
updates and might might serve as a good delineation between the "pushed" and
the "dailys". In this way if a discussion occurs concerning "what version
are you using?" the "pushed" version numbers could be used as a standard
reference point and easily identified.

I think you are correct that MS will be updating the MPAS-FE on a daily or
almost daily basis. I think the use of the term Daily in the posting will
help keep the distinction clear.

Finally, since it is a Full update with the Engine and All of the signatures
to date I am now thinking that Not using the word Signature/Definitions might
be the better way to go.

Given these thoughts I would be leaning toward:

Windows Defender Manual Update (Daily).

Just my thoughts,

All the best,



As a follow up, the above of course referred only to the Subject Line.

As far as the body of the message is concerned you would of course include
the version numbers and, I might suggest, you might want to include the line
from your first post in this thread, or something similar,

"Dial-up users might not like though for it is more than 3megs download.
They should wait for weekly updates instead that is pushed thru MU. "


Donna Buenaventura

I didn't include the info "dial-up users... " because I noticed that manual
download and offline installation is faster to download/install than weekly
pushed updates thru MU/WU/Program's updater :)
So I highly recommend users to take advantage of daily, it's not beta defs
and it's the current.


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