calculator - missing



I have Windows XP. All of the sudden, my calculator is
missing. File cannot be found. Any ideas on how to
restore it or how to get a new calculator on my
computer? it's nothing fancy - just the plain calculator
that comes on the computer (under Accessories). Thanks!

Jose Francisco


Your "Calculator" can be found in this directory:

If still unable to use try following these steps below:
Open a command dos prompt by clicking Start , Run and then typing the words
cmd and pressing enter.
Now you will get a dos prompt window on the desktop.
Insert the Windows XP Setup CD in the CD Drive first and then close the
window that appears due to autoplay.
Go back to the dos prompt and then type this c:/>sfc /scannow Make sure
that you enter it in the same way as shown and now this will check for the
integrity of Windows system files and make sure that none are corrupted. If
there are corrupted files then they will be restored from the CD and when
restoration is complete you will get a confirmation message.
Remove the CD and then reboot to see the effects whether the system has been
repaired or not.
[written by Rajesh] thx

Thanks and best of luck!

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