Calculations on a form - Part II



I have read Sharon's previous question and responses for
question of the same subject and have attempted the
suggestions. However, I'm still having a similar

I am attempting to multiply three fields, the fourth field
will be the result. All four fields are formatted
numeric. The formula in the fourth field is

I have also tried:

and, per John Vinson's suggestion on this site:
=Val([Width]) * Val([Height]) * Val([Length])

Nothing works. The same value is returned each
time....3,973,920.00. The correct value should be 4896.

The strange thing is, the W*H*L formula works in a regular
query. It does not work on a form, nor on a report.

Any other suggestions?



Gary Miller

Not sure why you aren't getting the correct result, but if
this is something that you will be calculating often both in
forms and reports and it is working in a query, I would
consider building a simple query to use as the basis for
these and add the formula as a calculated field that you can
just drop on the forms and reports. Will save you work in
the long run....


Gary Miller
Sisters, OR

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