Calculating Years and Months Between Dates


Tassy Anne

I'm doing some analysis regarding length of employees service but can't find
any thread relating to a formula that may help do this specifically.


Employee A started working on 01/01/2000 and resigned on 01/02/2009

The start date is in e.g. cell A1 and the resignation date is in e.g. cell A2

Can someone give me a formula that will basically deducted one date from the
other date and tell me how many years and months they worked for us? e.g. the
answer I would like to see is 9 (for the years) and 1 (1 for the month).

If you can, please be very simplistic with your explanation as I don't know
excel very well and tend to stumble around with any formulas I do use.

Thanks in advance


Hi Tassy Anne
Try this one, you can remove the day and keep Year&Month only if you like.
=DATEDIF(A1,A2,"y")&" Years, "&DATEDIF(A1,A2,"ym")&" Months and
"&DATEDIF(A1,A2,"md")&" Days"

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