calculating percentage-using rows



I'm trying to calculate the percentage of two columns on various rows but
having problems.
I can do it easily enough for individual rows but it would be very time
consuming , e.g. on row 5 if i want to calculate the percentage of E5 by D5
and place the result in C5 I use the following formula: =(E5/D5), and for row
6 it would be: =(E6/D6) and so on, but what I want to do is for any row have
excel automiatically calculate the percentage of column E by colum D and
place the result in C.
Is there an easy way to do this?
Please excuse my atrocious explanation of what it is I'm after! No doubt
this could have been decribed far more concisely.
Thanks for your time.

Bob I

Copy the cell in question and "Paste" into the destination cells.

Otherwise select the cell and grab the lower right corner of the border
and drag down

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