Calculated unbound text box - format date to show mmdd



I have an unbound text box on a form that i want to display mmdd of the
"Date Earned" Text box.

It works, but if the date is 05/01/2009, then it only displays 51.

How do I make it read 0501?

It is populated through a setvalue macro - OnExit property of "Date Earned".

Thanks in advance:)


I just relized that someone else posts under the name "Kay" and the other kay
([email protected]) is not very nice. Please, before any one assumes I am
this person please verify the profile address.

I love this site and am certainly not "going to bite the hand that feeds me".

Thanks so much every one for being there when I have issues with my database.

my email:[email protected]

Douglas J. Steele

Hmm. When I set the field's Format property to mmdd, it shows as 0501 to me.

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