C:\WINNT\TEMP\WIN477~1.EXE error?????




there is this black window thats pops up with the following message "
C:\WINNT\TEMP\WIN477~1.EXE " and another window with the following message "
16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem. C:\WINNT\TEMP\WIN477~1.EXE, the NTVDM CPU has
encounter and illegal instruction. CS:0534 IP:ffeb OP:ff ee ff 00 00 CHoose
'Close' to terminate the application. or 'ignore' option.

i click 'Close' it closed but randomly the error window keeps popping up
again an again and again...im using Windows 2000, Serivce Pack 4. i used
Trend Mirco anti-virus to scan for viruses but none dectected. the error
window just keep popping up. :(

What seems to be wrong here? i hope some good samaritans can help me out here.
sorry to be such a PC idiot but i hope my problem can be solve.
Feb 15, 2007
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hi dude..
well ur system seems to infected with virus or a spyware thts the reason ur getting this error on start up..
do this step and check if resolved

go to safe mode and check if ur getting the same error..if still then..
try running the smritfraud.exe..software its a tool to remove virus and spywares..on ur computer .go to GUR.IN site ..and try also running combofix..installed it and scan ur compter 2 or 3 times its should fix ur issue..best of luck .do let me know if ur issue is fix cya

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