"ByRef argument type mismatch" error


Robert Crandal

I get the above stated compile error when I run the following code:

Dim myfile as String
myfile = "Book1.xlsm"

If Module1.IsWbOpen (myfile) Then
' Do stuff
End If

------------------[ IsWbOpen() is in Module1]--------------------

Public Function IsWbOpen(WbName As String) As Boolean
For Each wb In Application.Workbooks
If wb.Name = WbName Then
IsWbOpen = True
Exit For
End If
End Function

Does anybody know what the heck is wrong here??? I know i am
definitely passing a String variable into "IsWbOpen()", yet I am
seeing a compile error.

Thank you!


Hi Robert,

I can't fault the code. It works perfectly. What line does the code stop on
when you get the error? You did copy your code from your project and not
re-write it for this post didn't you?

The error msge suggests that myfile is incorrectly declared as something
other than a string.

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