Bypass Workbook_Open event when opening Another WB



Hi, this is what i have so far. I'm trying to open another workbook (oWB) and
read data from multiple sheets, the Populate fields in thisworkbook and close
oWB. oWB will sometimes be opened as read only because it is on a network.
And in the open code of oWB there is a read only check that gives me an
error. I need to open the workbook so the automatic "Open" event doesnt fire
(in oWB) how do i do this?. Thanks for any help!

MyPath = Application.GetOpenFilename(fileFilter:="Microsoft Excel Files
(*.xls), *.xls", Title:="Select File to Open...")
Set oXL = New Excel.Application
Set oWB = oXL.Workbooks.Open(Filename:=MyPath)

Also, will this keep oWB invisible? id like to keep it from poping up on the
and is it necessary for me to create a new application oXL? I took this from
another program i had that was written in VB from a word application so this
is why i am asking. thanks again!

Chip Pearson

You don't need to create a new instance of Excel. Just use
EnableEvents to turn off events when opening the workbook.

Application.EnableEvents = False
Set oWB = Application.Workbooks.Open(MyPath)
Application.EnableEvents = True

Chip Pearson
Microsoft Most Valuable Professional
Excel Product Group, 1998 - 2009
Pearson Software Consulting, LLC
(email on web site)

Barb Reinhardt

Chip, I've recently had to change the AutomationSecurity setting to low
before opening workbooks with macros as I'm being asked to enable the macros
when I open them. This change came when I was using Office 2003 when a patch
was pushed.

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