Business Contact Manager cannot access the database



I can no longer access critical information in Outlook 2007 (running on
Windows 7). Has been running fine for several months.

When I start Outlook, I now get the message "This action cannot be completed
because Business Contact Manager cannot access the database."

"Cannot open database "OilpmaBCMdatabase" requested by the longin. The login
failed. Login failed for user 'Office-PC\GreggP'."

The same message appears when I select the Tasks button to try to view my
list of tasks.

I've tried going to 'File->Data File Management' to check my account
settings. In the 'Data Files' tab, the list shows Business Contact Manager
with the filename - 'OFFICE-PC:OilpmaBCMdatabase'. If I select this and pick
'Settings...' the wizard titled "Create or select a Business Contact Manager
database" starts. The dialog shows 'Select an existing database' is selected
and the computer name "OFFICE-PC" is displayed. If I choose the dropdown for
Database name, nothing is listed. And, when I pick the Connect button to the
right of the Computer name edit box, nothing seems to happen. The swirling
wait circle appears briefly and then disappears. The 'Next' button at the
bottom of the dialog is never enabled. So I have to cancel out of the wizard.

When I try selecting 'Business Contact Manager->Database Tools->Manage
Database...', the message "Business Contact manager for Outlook could not
complete your last action or actions. Please try again." After picking the OK
button, the Manage Database dialog appears. Under the Backup/Restore tab
nothing is listed. No database name, computer name, created date/time or
database owner. Nothing. If I pick the 'Restore Database...' button and
browse to my latest backup and pick the OK button, I get the message "Before
you restore, ask all users of this shared Business Contact Manager database
to exit Outlook. This will prevent errors during restoration. Then click OK
to continue." (I'm the only one using Outlook -- actually this is not a
shared database because I'm the only one that uses it here - home business)
So I pick OK to continue. It starts uncompressing and then restoring data,
then it shows "Canceling..." and a message pops up that says, "Changes to the
state or options of database 'OilpmaBCMdatabase' cannot be made at this time.
The database is in single-user mode, and a user is currently connect to it.
ALTER DATABASE statement failed." I then have to cancel out of the dialogs
because I cannot restore the backup.

I've tried closing and restarting Outlook. I've tried re-booting the
computer. None of this will allow me to access the database or restore a
backup. I've looked at the screens for SQL Server Configuration Manager, but
don't know anything about it, so I don't want to make any changes that might
make things worse.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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