Bus. Contact Mgr. should sync with Pocket PC handhelds



Using: Outlook 2003 w/Business Contact Manager; MS Active Sync v. 3.7; HP
iPAQ 4155 running on Pocket PC 2003 w/Outlook 2002.

I cannot sync directly with into my HP iPAQ 4155 from Business Contact
Manager 2003 at all--just from my MS Outlook 2003 Contact file. I contacted
MS Outlook Support (Case #SRX041122608240) and was told that BCM 2003 does
not have the capability. I then told the support tech that I had also tried
to export all of my BCM Contact data into a *.csv file, and then import the
*.csv file data into my regular Outlook 2003 Contacts file. I got the
following error:

"Translation Error

A file error has occurred in the Comma Separated Values (Windows) translator
while initializing a translator to build a field map.

Outlook was unable to retrieve that data from the file "C:\Documents and
Settings\Francis\My Documents\ExportFile.csv". Verify that you have the
correct file, that you have permission to open it, and that it is not open in
another program."

The Outlook tech rep said that even if I got the data into the Outlook 2003
Contact file from the BCM, the BCM would still not sync with my
handheld--just my Outlook Contacts would sync from the combined data file.
(I don't understand why this would be since the *.csv file is a text file and
should be able to be imported with no problems, but you're the experts).

The Outlook tech said that he had gotten calls like this before and that
Microsoft was surely working on the problem.

Is there a way for people that have spent ALOT OF TIME entering contact data
into Business Contact Manager to get it into their Pocket PC handhelds,
whether through sync or exporting, and then importing!!!!!!!!!!!!



Patricia Cardoza [Outlook MVP]

Not really until the next version of BCM.

Patricia Cardoza
Outlook MVP
Author - Special Edition Using Microsoft Office Outlook 2003
Lead Author - Access 2003 VBA Programmer's Reference
Author - Absolute Beginner's Guide to Microsoft OneNote 2003



Do we have any idea when that can happen? I don't want to have to maintain 2
sets of contact lists for very long.

Charlie Smith
Smith Business Services

Tim Peterson via OfficeKB.com


Reading your post is so much dejavu for me. I went through your same
situation for a long time while patiently waiting for a solution from
Microsoft. Here is an alternative for you to consider that has worked
wonderfully for me: www.avidian.com.

Best wishes,




Diane Poremsky [MVP]

late summer / early fall.

Diane Poremsky [MVP - Outlook]
Author, Teach Yourself Outlook 2003 in 24 Hours
Coauthor, OneNote 2003 for Windows (Visual QuickStart Guide)
Author, Google and Other Search Engines (Visual QuickStart Guide)

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